The entrance of the Corona Theatre is at street level and is accessible for our wheelchair patrons. They will have access to the mezzanine, the level where our wheelchair spaces, the accessible washroom and the bar are located.
In the case of a General Admission (standing) event, we recommend that you arrive a few minutes before the doors open in order to be able to choose your place first.
During events where the seats are reserved, a section is specifically dedicated to wheelchairs (mezzanine level) and you must buy tickets in that section, otherwise we can’t guarantee accessibility.


There are no elevators in the Corona Theatre. Since the balcony is very high, we recommend that you buy floor tickets when it’s possible. For more information, don’t hesitate to communicate with one of our representatives at 1-855-310-2525.


The parking is located near the Corona Theater at 2620 Notre-Dame Ouest.
All tickets sells for $20. Your ticket will be send by email by clicknpark on the day of show.
If you have any question, you can contact customer service at [email protected] or you can call the following number: 1 855 979-7275.


• Online : theatrecorona.ca
• By phone: 1-855-310-2525
• At the Bell Centre box office (click here for the schedule and the address)
• At the Corona Theatre: ONLY open on the days of events from 2 P.M. to 9 P.M.
Please note that online and phone purchases are payable by credit card only.


The box office accepts direct debit or by credit card.


The accepted credit cards are: Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
It’s important to note that only the credit card holder is authorized to purchase tickets with his credit card.
Bring a valid piece of identification when you come to buy your tickets because you could be asked to show it.


If you don’t possess a credit card, you can buy your tickets in person at the box office.
It’s also possible to get a prepaid credit card in some financial institutions or in some retail outlets.
In such a case, make sure to correctly activate your card and to keep it until the date of your event.


A service fee corresponds to the service that is offered to you during the purchase of your tickets. This fee is billed by the intermediary who sells tickets to you in order to cover operating costs such as call centers, box offices, managing and maintaining the websites, etc. The service fee varies from one show to another and from one venue to another. It is applicable on every purchased ticket.
The handling fee is a fixed fee applicable once for the overall order, which makes it possible to cover the costs of printing and sending the tickets in the case of a mailing and the printing and handling of the tickets in the case of a Will Call.


You can pick up your tickets at the Bell Centre box office or at the Corona Theatre box office (on the night of the event only). To pick up your tickets, present yourself at the box office during opening hours with the following documentation:
1. The credit card used to purchase the tickets;
2. An identity card with a photo identifying you as the holder of the credit card used to make the purchase.
WARNING! Some events or VIP packages can make an exception to this rule. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-855-310-2525.


Unless otherwise instructed by the producers of the show (please note that VIP packages generally have different policies), if the tickets aren’t picked up by the credit card holder, the person showing up at the box office must bring the following documentation:
1. A recto-verso photocopy of the credit card used to purchase the tickets;
2. A photocopy of an identity card with a photo belonging to the holder of the credit card;
3. A procuration authorizing the person presenting themselves to pick up the tickets (e.g. I, NAME OF THE HOLDER, authorize NAME OF THE PERSON PICKING UP THE TICKETS to pick up my tickets for the NAME OF THE SHOW show);
4. The person picking up the tickets must also show an identity card with a photo identifying them as the person mentioned in the procuration.
For further particulars or if you have other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by return email or by phone at 1-855-310-2525.


As an event approaches, the technical needs of the producers become more precise, which allows us to sell tickets that were originally not available for technical reasons.
Furthermore, in the hours before an event, once the stage setup and the installation of the technical equipment are completed, the Corona Theatre and the producers adjust the capacity and release new tickets, space permitting. Consequently, it’s possible that tickets closer to the stage will be available after your purchase. Be certain, though, that at the time you made your purchase, the best available tickets were those you have in your possession.
Please note that, as indicated in our purchase contract available at www.theatrecorona.ca, there is no exchange or refund once a ticket has been purchased.


If tickets sell quickly, this means that the event is very popular and that demand is high. A portion of tickets may have been sold during presales. We invite you to read the Presales section to learn more about them. Furthermore, with the new technologies, it’s possible to sell hundreds of tickets per minute and as such, the ticket inventory diminishes quickly. For example, if 1,000 people attempt to buy 2 tickets each, in less than a few minutes, more than 2,000 tickets will be sold.
Being fans ourselves, we understand the desire to attend the shows of our idols. We invite you to check out our tricks to maximize your chances to buy tickets.


1. Presales offer an interesting possibility to purchase tickets before the public on-sale. We invite you to check out the Presales section for more details.
2. The sales system always offers you the best available tickets at the moment you make your purchase. Particularly in an on-sale context, if you reject the seat offer and try a new search, it’s possible that the system will offer you seats further from the stage.
Please note that at the moment of the on-sale, you can try to purchase tickets both online and by phone at 1-855-310-2525. You will double your chances to get tickets!
3. In the hours before the show, it’s possible that the Corona Theatre will release tickets. For more details, check out the Ticket Release section.
Please note that the chances to have access to tickets are the same whether you use the Internet, the phone or the Bell Centre box office.
Corona Theatre and evenko strongly advise against buying tickets from resellers or from a third party.


A presale is an offer to make a purchase before the public on-sale! It’s an interesting opportunity to buy tickets.
To take advantage of the evenko presales, you only have to become an evenko member by clicking on the “Sign Up” tab on evenko.ca. If a presale is available for the show that interests you, an email will be sent to you in the week before the on-sale date.
Several other types of presales can be offered for each show. The main presales are those offered to the members of the artists’ fan clubs, by some credit card companies and by the event promoters.
To take advantage of fan club presales, you must be a member of the artist’s fan club and visit the artist’s website to check if a presale will be offered to members.
To get information about presales for our upcoming events, contact us at 1-855-310-2525.
Please note that only a limited quantity of our ticket inventory is available during presales. Thus, having access to a presale doesn’t guarantee having access to seats or to better seats.


Some artists can offer VIP packages to their fans. Those packages vary from one show to another and don’t always offer the same benefits. The packages are described on the ticket pages of the shows if they are available.
An email will be sent to you by those in charge of the package a few days before your event in order to provide more information on the package. If you wish to get more information about your package in a shorter time period, we invite you to visit the artist’s website and to communicate directly with their production team.


Minors are admitted in the venue, because we have an amphitheatre permit rather than a bar licence. However, please note that a valid piece of identification is required to buy alcohol. Also, any minor caught consuming alcohol will immediately be expelled from the venue.


All ticket sales are final and non-refundable.


In the case of a canceled event, the Corona Theatre commits to inform you about it as soon as possible by email. Refunds will be made automatically to the credit card that was used during the purchase and will appear on your credit card account in the 10 business days following the cancelation of the event. For purchases made in person (debit), we invite you to present yourself at the box office for a refund.
** Please note that the method of payment used for the refund will be the same as the method of payment used during the purchase.


If an event is postponed, the Corona Theatre commits to inform you about it as soon as possible by email. We invite you to keep your ticket since it will be valid on the new date of the event.
For more details, don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-855-310-2525.


Please note that we do everything we can to offer our clients high-quality events that we are proud of. Consequently, we don’t cancel events because of weather conditions.


The Corona Theatre strongly advises against buying tickets from a third party. We only guarantee the validity of tickets that are purchased at the official box offices or from authorized vendors (e.g. some fan clubs will sell their tickets themselves).
It’s impossible for us to determine the validity of a ticket purchased from a reseller (scalper) before the event. The validity will be confirmed at the door, at the moment of the event.
The Corona Theatre and evenko would like to remind you that buying tickets from unauthorized vendors and resellers (scalpers) means putting your trust and your money in the hands of a stranger and that it represents a risk of fraud.


The delivery methods offered are: electronic tickets, mail delivery and box office pick up (will call).


When you select ELECTRONIC TICKET as a delivery method, you will receive your ticket in your email inbox in the 48 hours following your purchase.
In detail, here’s what you will receive:
• A first email with the subject “Your order confirmation”. This email does not constitute your tickets. It’s only a receipt.
• A second email with the subject “Your E-Tickets are attached”. Attached to this email, you will find a PDF file that you must print. The printed document constitutes your tickets. You can also show the legible PDF file on your smartphone on the night of the show.
** If you have received the order confirmation, the 2nd email containing your tickets should arrive quickly in your inbox. If after a few hours, it doesn’t appear, we invite you to check your spam folder.
At the moment of the event, you will be able to present yourself at the Corona Theatre entrance without having to go to the box office.
** It’s not necessary to print your tickets in color. However, make sure the barcodes are clearly legible.


First, we invite you to check the contents of your spam folder, because it’s possible that the email containing your electronic tickets is there.
If you still don’t see the email containing your tickets, please contact us by phone as soon as possible at 1-855-310-2525.
Please note that as a security measure, only the holder of the credit card used for the purchase of the tickets is authorized to ask for the tickets to be sent again. At the moment of the call, the holder must have the credit card used for the purchase and the confirmation number of the purchase starting with 003-XXXX XXXX.


In order to open the PDF file, your computer must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader software (version 6.0 or higher). If you don’t have that software, you can download it for free at the following address: https://get.adobe.com/reader/.
In case the file seems defective, please contact us at 1-855-310-2525.


We invite you to contact us by phone as soon as possible at 1-855-310-2525.
Please note that as a security measure, only the holder of the credit card used for the purchase of the tickets is authorized to ask for the reprinting of tickets. At the moment of the call, the holder must have the credit card used for the purchase and the confirmation number of the purchase starting with 003-XXXX XXXX.< br>Eco-fees of $5 by ticket will be billed.


From Highway 20
Take exit 61 for Atwater Avenue
Continue on Atwater Avenue. Drive until Notre-Dame West Street
Turn left and continue on Atwater Avenue
Take the 1st right and continue on Notre-Dame West Street
From Highway 720
Take exit 2, Atwater Avenue
Follow Rose de Lima Street
Turn left on Notre-Dame West Street
Take the Atwater Street exit. Turn right on Atwater until Notre-Dame, then turn left on Notre-Dame. We are at the corner of Charlevoix.
Line 36 West and East – stop on the Notre-Dame/Charlevoix corner.
The Corona Theatre doesn’t have parking. However, it’s possible to park in the surrounding streets; on Notre-Dame Street (parking meters) or in the residential areas.


For shows and other events, it’s impossible to know in advance how long each artist will remain on stage and how long the show will last. The length of the show is entirely at the discretion of the headlining artist and is subject to change without notice by the producers of the show. We recommend that you show up at the time on your ticket to be sure not to miss anything.
Also, please note that the guest artists or the “opening act” of a show are always subject to change. Since your ticket is valid for the headlining artist (main artist), we don’t issue any refund in the case of a change of guest artists.


For the majority of events, the Corona Theatre opens its doors one hour before the beginning of a show. This information is subject to change from a show to another.
For further particulars about an upcoming show, we invite you to check the show’s webpage on www.theatrecorona.ca or to call our customer service at 1-855-310-2525.


Unless otherwise instructed by the producers of the show, you will be able to enter the Theatre if you’re late. However, please note that we offer no refund, either partial or complete, to latecomers.
Warning: some VIP packages are governed by strict rules of punctuality. If you have purchased a VIP package, we invite you to carefully check its terms and conditions.


At the request of some promoters and artists, it’s possible that the security guards will frisk you or inspect bags at the entrance. As such, we recommend that you plan to arrive in advance since those frisks can slow down the speed at which people have access to the venue.


Unless otherwise instructed by the producers of the show, it’s possible to enter and to exit the Corona Theatre during an event. Make sure to show your ticket to our doormen to validate your exit.


In order to offer a healthy and comfortable environment, the Corona Theatre reminds you that it’s absolutely forbidden to smoke inside the Theatre, or else you could be expelled without a refund.


The coat check is $2.5, but is not mandatory. Besides, it’s at the discretion of the venue to close it depending on the season or if it’s full during a show.


The washrooms are located upstairs between the floor level and the balcony. Also, please note that there is an accessible washroom for our wheelchair patrons on the floor level, stage right.


There are 2 ATM in the Corona Theatre: one near the washrooms between the floor level and the balcony and one near the accessible washroom.


The Corona is equipped with 2 bars: one on the lounge level and another on the balcony (if it’s open). At those bars, you will be able to buy beverages and snacks. Please note that the neighborhood is filled with restaurants near the Theatre if you want a full meal.


All our security guards are trained to assist you in case of an injury. Don’t hesitate to consult them!


It’s always possible that extreme lighting will be used during our shows. It could trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. As such, please inform yourself upon your arrival at the Theatre.


It’s not possible to meet an artist unless otherwise noted by the producers of the show. Some VIP packages including a meet and greet with the artist can be available for sale. We invite you to check the ticket page of the show to see if such a package is offered.


The Corona Theatre can’t request autographs from the artists and no autograph session is scheduled during a show. However, at the discretion of the artists, they might decide to take a moment to sign autographs during the show without prior notice.


Unless otherwise noted by the producers of the show, the Corona Theatre doesn’t collect gifts to give to the artists performing there.


Unless otherwise instructed by the producers of the show, posters are not allowed inside the Corona Theatre.
Unless you have an authorization from the producer, professional cameras, camcorders, GoPros and all other video devices are forbidden.
In general, non-professional cameras are authorized during events at the Corona Theatre. Please note that this policy is subject to change according to the directives issued by the producers of the event.
It is strictly forbidden to bring a professional camera (with a detachable and/or more than 2-inch lens), otherwise it will be confiscated.
Small bags, such as handbags or messenger bags, are authorized in the Corona Theatre. Searches will be conducted by our security guards at the entrance of the Theatre.<
Please note that large bags are not authorized and won’t be accepted at the coat check.
We reserve the right to put any object we consider dangerous for the safety of others in the coat check.


Write us , making sure to describe the lost object and to give us your contact information so that we are able to do a follow-up with you as soon as possible.


The majority of our events are standing room only, but the venue doesn’t have a fixed plan; as such, you have to refer to the plans shown during the purchase of the tickets to know the seating arrangement for each event. The Corona can welcome up to 925 people. Since there is no visual obstruction, you can enjoy an excellent view of the stage wherever you are in the venue.


When the tickets for a show indicate “standing”, this means that there aren’t any seats/stools/benches available on the floor for any customer without exception. Please note that the decision to open the balcony rests with the producers of the show and is not guaranteed. When the balcony is open, seats will be available, but always on a “first come, first served” basis. It’s impossible to guarantee that the balcony will be open, whatever the event; as such, you must plan on standing up during the whole show.


The Corona Theatre has no suites available for sale. Also, please note that the balconies on each side of the stage are not for sale.


Even numbers are on the right of the stage (viewed from the room) and the odd numbers are on the left of the stage (viewed from the room). The numbering is the same on the floor (in the case of a configuration with seats) and on the balcony.


The Corona Theatre receives many such requests and we are sensitive to every one of them. For that reason, it’s difficult for the Corona Theatre to respond positively to all of them. However, be assured that your request will be read attentively.
Requests must be submitted by email to the following address: [email protected]


Send your applications by email:
Box office : [email protected]
Venue, bars, ushers: [email protected]


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